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Claim Musical Scores
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Ever go to see a movie, and are completely captivated by its score (aka background music)? So much, that you want to have it as your own? Well, you can (sort of...)! This community is for you to claim a particular piece of any score from any movie you'd like as your own (not officially, of course).

PLEASE read these rules/guidelines. And follow them. Yes, they're lengthy, but they're quite simple, really.
And also, PLEASE look at the claims list to make sure what you want hasn't been claimed already. By sacrificing these two minutes, it saves the world a whole lot of trouble.

Claiming Rules

[x] One person per claim. It's better to be able to say you're the only one that has it, rather than have to share it with everyone else...right? Claims CAN be shared between two (or more) people, but I need every person who wants it to confirm they agree to share it.
And no fighting! If you want a certain score, you should understand that others might want it, too. And don't be upset if you come here to find that someone has already claimed what you wanted. There are probably lots of other numbers from that movie, so be sure to have a few alternatives!

[x] You may have up to 4 claims. You may get one or two more if you do something special for the community or me (icons, wallpapers, banners, etc) (yesss, we love bribes ^_^). I get as many claims as I want just because I'm special. XP (don't worry, I won't abuse the privilege! ;D)

[x] You may change or get rid of your claims as you wish. Please notify me if your LJ username changes, or if you are going to delete your LJ (email alex @ deranged-genius.net without spaces). IF YOU DELETE YOUR LJ, I WILL DELETE YOUR CLAIMS ALONG WITH IT! If you wish to keep your claims you MUST email me or post with your new journal's name.

Claiming/Score Guidelines

[x] You can claim scores from movies, TV shows, stage shows, and video games. By default, I will assume every title you mention is a movie, so if you are claiming for something other than a movie, please be sure to note that when you post!

[x] There are two types of claims. You can claim entire scores for things, such as "the score of Pirates of the Caribbean." We shall call these "overall" claims. You can also claim separate pieces of score, as named on their respective soundtracks, such as "Barbossa is Hungry" from PotC. Those will be referred to as "individual" claims. Both overall and individual claims will count as one claim, and you can still make individual claims from a movie, even if someone else has already claimed the overall score.

[x] When you want to make an individual claim, present your request in this form:
"Title of Score" - Movie in which it appears.
I do NOT need to know the composer's name for these.

For overall score claims, present them in this form:
The score of "Movie" - Composer's name (if you know it...but don't go breaking an arm and a leg trying to find out if you don't).

[x] For individual pieces from soundtracks: just because one piece of score might appear in two different films ("Harry's Wondrous World" in Harry Potter for example), doesn't mean that it may be claimed by two different people.

Community Rules

[x] Advertising, whether on topic or not, is not tolerated. All posts in here are for making claims, dropping/changing claims, or announcements from me.

Credits: Maintainer of the community is apster, code provided by seaspirits, and i_hear_violins made the lovely community icon! :D!